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What exactly is a Jet Rodder?

In many cases, pipe or drain blockages can be cleared with chemicals and/or a plunger but when that doesn’t do the job, then we can turn to our ‘not so secret’ weapon – the jet rodder. 

Here at Blocked Drain Repair, we use state-of-the-art-technology in the form of jet rodders and CCTV drain cameras to clear obstructions in drains, faster and more efficiently. But what exactly is a jet rodder and how does it work? Let’s explain.

Sewer jetter process

A jet rodder otherwise known as a high-pressure jetter or sewer jetter consists of a high-pressure flexible hose which is attached to a precision nozzle. 

A specialist drain camera is used to guide the hose down the pipe to the source of the blockage. Water is then pumped at high intensity into the hose, forcing powerful jets of water out of the nozzle. The pressure is so intense that it can disperse pretty much any type of blockage and can also cut tree roots into tiny fragments which can be washed away. 

Once the blockage has been cleared, a rear-facing jet cleans the pipe thoroughly while propelling it back through the pipe.