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Blocked Drains

Suffering from blocked drains?

Blocked drains don't just smell nasty, they're inconvenient too. Nobody wants a blocked drain or sewer pipe, but if you're unfortunate enough to have one, then you want it unblocked and fixed fast.

The experienced plumbing team at Blocked Drain Repair specialise in unblocking drains in residential and commercial premises all day, every day, across the whole Gold Coast. It's what we do.

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Sink, toilet, shower and stormwater drains

Whether you have a blocked basin, toilet, shower waste, or drain gate, or you have a stormwater or sewer blockage, our experienced plumbers can resolve the situation and have your water flowing freely in no time at all.

In most cases, high-pressure water jetting will clear the blockage efficiently and with minimal fuss. However, in the case of recurring blockages, we can call upon our in-drain CCTV camera to locate and diagnose the cause of the problem.

You'll be pleased to know this can usually be done without any unnecessary digging, saving us time, and our customer's money.

No matter what the cause of your blocked drain or sewer, you can rely on our trusted plumbers to fix it.

Drainage services we offer

Our specialist blocked drain plumbers offer a range of drainage services including:

When to call the plumbing experts?

Although some drain clearing and maintenance tasks can be safely undertaken by the homeowner, broken drain and pipe repairs are best carried out by a licensed, professional plumber. Why? Because if any errors are made in the repair or replacement of pipes, then this could lead to more leaks, blockages, or sewage back-ups – now that's not a lot of fun!

Your local blocked drain plumber

If you have encountered a slow draining or blocked sink, no doubt you'll have tried the usual methods of dispersing sink blockages. These can include store-bought chemical cleaners and/or the tried and tested plunger. On many occasions, a little bit of elbow grease is usually sufficient enough to shift the blockage and get the water draining freely once more.

However, if the water still isn't draining, then you should call in the experts at Blocked Drain Repair on 1300 668 220 or complete our online booking request today.