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As the blocked drain plumbing specialists of Burleigh Heads, we expand our services throughout Gold Coast and SE Queensland as well. In the process of resolving any plumbing issues you may have, we use the method of analogy first. We inspect, hypothesise, analyse the reason that is causing the issue and create a composed plan. As this happens, we move on to our next part which is to handle and resolve the issue by following methodical steps. There are various causes for blockages. Hence, it is crucial to analyse and understand the nature of the blockages first before using methods to unblock it.

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Find the blockage using a drain camera

As mentioned before, we hypothesise, analyse and survey the issue before we identify the best approach to resolve it. Therefore, our procedure is highly professional, unique and sophisticated.

Grease, food, small objects like hairpins, and caps of toothpaste, dirt and leaf debris are the common causes of blockages. The blockage can be quite difficult to remove or dislodge. Therefore, a strategy is needed to understand the source of the blockage, break the blockage and unblock the drain. This is why our CCTV Survey Camera and locator is used. This durable and slim camera can penetrate any drain irrespective of the size and record the inside of it. It helps identify the cause of the blockage, therefore making it easier to find a way to remove it. As the footage covers the blockage clearly, we can then analyse our next best step to unblock it.

Unlike other methods of excavations, this is quite an environment-friendly method. Furthermore, this also helps save money and time. This is why; our services are economical, quick, and effective. Our advanced machines help us resolve the plumbing issues completely!

Clear the clog with a sewer jetter

This step includes the usage of sewer jetter which is a high-pressure jet rodding machine. This contains a flexible hose with a high precision nozzle. Water is pumped out at a high-pressured stream and maximum force is attained due to the nozzle’s precision. This water jet has the ability to shatter even tree roots into fragments. The jet rodder also uses its rear jet and a propeller. These pump water and wash out the inside of the blocked sewer pipes and blocked stormwater lines to make the pipe good as new.

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