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The experienced team at Blocked Drain Repair use advanced diagnostic and drain clearing equipment to offer our customers in Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast prompt, professional drain services.

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Blockages can be due to various reasons such as grease, food, small foreign objects, dirt, leaf debris and much more. If untended to, they can disrupt your entire drainage system leading to a major problems. Our team recommend that you seek the help of a licenced plumber sooner rather than later.

We utilise high-pressure jet rodding and a CCTV drain camera to find the reason for the blockage and the location, as well as providing fast, efficient drain clearing solutions.

Blocked drains can quickly mess with your entire drainage system. However, we are here to help.

CCTV drain camera and locator

When we encounter a problem, our first step is to analyze an issue and inspect the blockage carefully. This leads to us understanding the nature of the blockage, the elements that build the blockage and the best method to unblock your pipe. That is why we use our CCTV drain camera and locator to do the job.

1)      The drain camera is durable and slim – this camera can penetrate through any size of pipes. It is also quite durable, therefore, it can withstand the survey of pipes and drain efficiently.

2)      The plumbing camera is highly eco-friendly – this survey system is environment-friendly since there is no excavation and a destruction of property needed. Furthermore, it is incredibly economical and saves precious time due to its efficiency.

3)      This camera can record footage of the inside of the pipe and the blockages – As the survey is conducted, this camera can record the footage of the blockage. Therefore, this gives us the chance to analyze the issue and speculate the next course of action.

The jet rodding machine

The Jet Rodding Machine which is also known as a high-pressure jetter is used as a next step. After a survey, this machine is used to unblock the blocked stormwater lines and sewer pipes. This machine has a highly flexible hose and a nozzle which is inserted into the pipe, a high-pressure stream of water is used to clear the blockage by shattering it into fragments.

The water is powerful enough to break and uproot the roots of the trees. After that, a rear jet is used to pump water and wash out the inside of the pipe.

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