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As we advance in the field of technology to help our daily lives make easier, one must always choose to update their problem-solving methods too. That is why, as blocked drain specialists, our services have advanced economically unlike any other. One prime example is our high-pressure Jet Rodding Machine which is our secret blockage-tackling power gear. If you are looking for services of a plumbing company who can take care of your blocked drains Miami Beach residents, contact us. We lend a shoulder to everyone in the suburbs of Miami Beach.

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As Miami’s plumbing experts and superiors in our plumbing profession, there are certain factors that distinguish our services in a unique and most productive in sense. Our method of approach is quite different when it concerns our take on any plumbing issue. We believe in a methodical and strategically functioning procedure. Therefore, before jumping to solve a certain issue we, first, survey it well. In order to save the time and be as much economic as possible, an efficient and effective way is the best way. We offer our services throughout the areas of Gold Coast and SE Queensland.

We incorporate the usage of high-tech machines to resolve every drainage and plumbing hindrances.

CCTV Drain Camera and Locator

Our high-tech CCTV Survey Camera and Locator is our go-to-equipment in this regard. This powerful, durable and portable survey camera helps us reach the source of the blockage created and identify the issue that causes it. We do not believe in the process of immediate excavation since that can be quite a time-consuming process which can end up disturbing the neighborhood and destructing the property. This camera penetrates pipes and drains of any size, be they big or small and covers footage of the blockage. This helps us project the next best step to take in order to tackle the blockage and unblock it.

Jet Rodding Machine

As the surveying is completed, the next part is taken over using the Jet Rodding Machine. In cases of blocked sewer pipes and blocked stormwater lines, blockages need to be unblocked using a powerful machine. Since these pipes are usually built below or within the building, the owner may forget to notice them. As a result, blockages are formed. In the case of sewer lines, blockages tend to form due to grease, food, dirt and small objects. While in the case of storm water pipes, foreign objects can create blockages due to rain.

In both the cases, the jet rodder uses its highly flexible hose with a nozzle of high precision to pump a powerful stream of high-pressure water. This is capable of unblocking even tree roots and turns the blockage into fragments. A rear jet of water is used to wash the inside of the drain or the pipe along with the usage of a propeller.

Hence, take the assistance of our services to find your drainage system work like a charm! Do you have any blocked drains Miami? We are only a call away. 1300 668 220.

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