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The specialist plumbers at Blocked Drain Repair can get to the bottom of your drain problems and provide practical, efficient solutions to find the blockage and clear the drain. We service all areas of the Gold Coast including beautiful Mudgeeraba.

Do you suspect an issue with your drainage system in your home? If so, it is important that you act upon immediately. Otherwise, the probability of a blockage may grow more and more which can slow the flow of your entire drainage system.

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The signs that you are moving into a major drainage issue includes toilets that do not flush properly and overflowing sinks, bath wastes, or overflowing and smelly drainage pits. However, our services which expand throughout Gold Coast, ensure that you can call us anytime with your plumbing problems. We tackle hindrances of blocked toilets, pipes, blocked sewers and handing overflowing sinks and drainage pits as well.

Our expertise as blocked drain specialists will help you get the best service available in Mudgeeraba

Drain camera inspection

The CCTV drain camera and locator bring you the comfort of understanding the real cause of the blockage without any additional fuss.

Traditionally, the source and the root cause is known only through excavations. Excavations include digging up area of the blocked pipeline to understand what caused the blockage. However, excavations proved to be quite a hassle. It leads to the unnecessary destruction of property, pollution and much wastage of time and money. Our highly advanced and fuss-free technology, the CCTV Drain Camera and Locator will do this without any disturbance.

The mechanism on which this survey camera is built is the concept of reaching the blockage by penetrating the pipe and drain. As that happens, it captures the entire footage of the inside of the drain or pipe on record. This helps us analyze the cause and contemplate further steps of action.

The survey camera can penetrate any drain irrespective of how small it may be. Furthermore, it is durable to withstand circumstances, eco-friendly and portable.

Clearing the drain

Once the CCTV survey is conducted, the next step is to use the Jet Rodding Machine. It is incredibly resourceful in unblocking blocked sewer pipes and blocked stormwater lines. The jet rodding machine is equipped with a highly flexible hose with a high precision nozzle that can pump powerful jet water. As this unblocks any type of materials like grease, dirt, gunk and, at times, tree roots as well. The rear jet of the jet rodder helps to wash out and propel the inside for a smooth flow of water.

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