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The suburbs of Tugun never need to sweat regarding plumbers and their drainage breakdowns anymore! Call us now to get a clean drain Tugun residents. We are here to bring to you services of the highest calibre as blocked drain experts. Our jet rodding technology is surely mind-blowing and as effective as well. We are a phone call away, so dial us up.

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How often do you ponder about your drainage and plumbing systems? You probably only think about the drainage system of your house when a disruption happens in your household. However, as plumbers of high professional taste, we make sure you never encounter hurdles that will worry you. Our solutions and services are top-notch, to say the least. If you live at Tugun and have a sink that is overflowing, a blocked toilet or a pipeline with a fracture, our expert plumbing services will make them go away in a jiffy with absolutely zero fuss.

Get a clean drain

Our services come under the classification of an entirely different league due to which we are specialists of the highest class of plumbers. The process we use includes the analysis of the problem, a proper diagnosis of it and then resolving the issue through and careful actions. We offer our services throughout the areas of Queensland and Gold Coast along with the suburbs of Tugun.

CCTV Camera Locator and Jet Rodders

The CCTV Survey Camera and locator is the key to us being able to clearly see what is going on in your pipe work and being able to locate the exact location of the problem. It is eco-friendly, portable, durable and slim. Therefore, this camera can penetrate any kind of drains, big or small. The CCTV survey helps us determine the source of the blockage as it covers the area inside the pipe recording the footage of the blockage. As we understand the blockage, we have a better understanding of the issue and it helps us plan the next course of action. Grease, food substances, small and foreign particles like dirt, hair pins, and tree roots accumulate and cause blockages.

The advanced technology of jet rodding helps us combat the issue.  It blocked sewer pipes and the storm water lines are plugged. Jet rodding consists of flexible, high-pressure hose with a high precision nozzle that pumps high-pressure jet stream water. This stream of water is powerful enough to unblock any clogs as it shatters even the most stubborn tree roots. Also, a rear water jet is used to wash down the inside of the pipe as a propeller.

Hence, you have clean, properly functioning smooth pipelines. Jet rodders are usually used for pipelines that are located below or behind buildings such as sewers and storm water lines. You may be unaware, however, these are the responsibility of the property owner to maintain and to take care of. Hence, when foreign objects create a fracture or a crack in these pipes, our services are what you need. Call 1300 668 220 or contact us today if you want a clean drain.

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