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Our team of drainage specialists can clear all types of blocked drains, both sewer and stormwater at your Varsity Lakes home or business. Our plumbers conduct drain clearing and pipe inspection services that can locate and uncover the cause of the drain clog as well as providing prompt practical solutions to clear the blockage.

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Causes of drain clogs


Hair is one of the primary elements of blockage particles. Hair can form a clog in itself when it passes through the drain during shower. Therefore, it can form a complex knot similar to a “furball” blocking water to flow freely.

Grease and food

Fat, grease, and oil are also some of the most common elements which cause a blockage. As these cool down, a hard layer is formed where other elements get stuck creating a blob of blockage.

Small objects

Primarily, foreign objects such as hairpins, toothpaste caps and others can fall into drains through accidents. Therefore, these result in the creation of clogs.

Other foreign objects and materials

Tree roots may grow in pipes at times, leaf debris and dirt can also accumulate to help blockages grow as they grow thicker in diameter.

Practical drain solutions

Our experienced plumbing team use our drain camera and locator to find and inspect the blockage This method is quite unique of its kind because it prevents all the shortcomings of the older methods of unblocking pipes such as ground excavations. Unlike excavation, CCTV surveys are economical, time saving and eco-friendly.

We can inspect the blocked sewer drains and stormwater lines and record footage for further analysis. Being portable, it can be carried anywhere and it can get through any pipe no matter how tiny or slim it may be.

Next, the sewer jetter is used which has a highly flexible hose which pumps water at a high pressure to break through any blockage. As the blockage is removed, a rear jet of water is used to wash the pipe and a propeller is used further to increase the quality of the functionality of the pipe.

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