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All blocked sewer issues need to be attended to immediately which is why our emergency plumber is on call 24/7 to clear any blockages quickly. We’re committed to reducing the interruption and mess of overflowing sewers, as well as minimising potential health issues. Our team service the whole Gold Coast, from Coomera and Helensvale to Coolangatta, and west to Nerang.

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All about blocked sewer lines

Your sewer line consists of all the waste points that carry liquid and solid sewage off from your home out to the council connection point for treatment. At one time or another, one of these outlets can be blocked because of various reasons.

Some reasons, like excess toilet paper use, can be easily cleared by simply removing the blockage from the waste point or pouring a chemical drain cleaner down the drain. Others are more complex where you may need the help of a professional to clear the drain.

Blocked Drain Repair plumbers have been working with drains for many years. We would like to share some pointers that we believe can help you to deal with blocked drains. Below is a list of the common causes of blocked sewer lines and what could be done to resolve the problem.

A very common reason why we get called to clear a blocked drain is due to sewage overflowing from a toilet or overflow relief gully (ORG). If you’re experiencing this kind of problem, stop reading through and call us immediately on 1300 668 220. Sewage overflowing can quickly become a serious health concern. It is imperative that you get it cleared immediately.

Signs of a sewer blockage

Sewer smell

With the exception of plumbing vents, sewer smells should be sealed within the pipeline. If you notice a bad smell from any of the drains there may be a

Recurring clogged drains

Most bathroom and laundry drain clogs are caused by a buildup of hair, soap scum, and gunk. Kitchen sinks often suffer from recurring blockages due to food scraps, oil, and grease.

Water backing up

If the water in your home takes a long time to go down the bath, sink or shower drain, or in extreme cases, is not going anywhere at all your sewer drains could be clogged.

Slow draining sinks and gurgling sounds

In some cases inappropriate ventilation could be the cause of the gurgling sound and slow flowing drains..

Multiple plumbing fixtures are blocked

Obviously, this would be the most convincing sign of sewer blockage. A main line clog could be the culprit.

Blocked toilet

A basic blocked toilet once in a while is a problem that everyone encounters. An ordinary plunger can clear that for you. However, if you experience a constant toilet clog, then you may want to investigate further.

For more information on spotting a sewer blockage around your home or business read our blog post - Signs your sewer is blocked

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No one wants to spend anymore time on a blocked sewer than they need to, give our team a call to get it sorted out promptly on 1300 668 220 or for less urgent bookings complete our online service request form today.