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Broken Drain Pipes

Although some drain clearing and maintenance tasks can be safely undertaken by the homeowner, broken drain and pipe repairs are best carried out by a licensed, professional plumber. Why? Because if any errors are made in the repair or replacement of pipes, then this could lead to more leaks, blockages, or sewage back-ups – now that’s not a lot of fun!

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Cracked drains are a serious problem which could damage your property, pollute your soil and ground water, as well as spread diseases. There are several reasons for cracked pipes or drains, including damage by tree roots, corrosion of metal pipes, and underground movements.

Signs that you may have a cracked drain include foul smells, localised wet patches, and cracked walls and floors. These signs aren’t always obvious to the homeowner and often an inspection by a qualified plumber is needed to confirm the condition.

How we can help you

At Blocked Drain Repair our technicians have years of experience in fixing broken pipes and drains. Firstly we’ll use a CCTV drain camera to conduct a thorough inspection of the pipes. Should it be determined that the drain is cracked we’ll then decide on the appropriate measures to be taken to resolve the problem, depending on the seriousness and extent of the damage.

On some occasions a solution is to repair the drain from underground without digging but this isn’t always possible. In cases where the damage is severe to pipes and drains, the best option is to  excavate the site and replace the damaged pipe.

If you suspect a damaged pipe or drain then give us a call on (insert phone number) and we’ll send a technician straight to you. No pipe or drain repair is too big or too small for Blocked Drain Repair and our technicians are competent at fixing both internal and external drainage.