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Clearing Blocked Drains

We can unblock drains quickly and efficiently

Using the latest drainage technology we can locate the issue, diagnose the problem, and provide a practical solution. The team at Blocked Drain Repair offer prompt, professional drain clearing for drains of all sizes, sewer and stormwater.

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Types of drains we clear

We use top quality  jet rodders to unblock both sewer drains and stormwater pipes which clear even the most stubborn blockage without damaging the pipe.

Sewer drain pipes

Sewer drainage pipes are typically located within or under buildings and homes, and transport the sewage to the sewer main or septic tank. Blockages in the sewer can be caused by a huge range of issues such as:

  • a buildup of food scraps and grease
  • hair, soap, oil
  • broken or crushed pipes
  • tree root growth
  • foreign objects getting into the pipes (toys, deceased goldfish, bathroom wet wipes, etc)

Stormwater drains

Stormwater pipes are used to collect the water that runs off the roof of a property which then travels through separate pipes which is either connects with a stormwater pit or flows into a roadside gutter.

These pipes can become blocked by leaf debris, dirt, or tree roots which have entered the pipework underground or through a crack or break in the pipe.

Find the blockage

Our team use the latest in CCTV drain cameras to find exactly where the drain is blocked as well as what the clog is made up of.

Find out more about this process here - CCTV drain camera

Clear the blocked drain pipe

Once we establish what and where the problem is then we use a high pressure water jet rodder to clear the obstruction. The jet rodder can clear even the most hardened blockage.

Find out more about this process here - Jet Rodder

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