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Overflowing Drains

The causes of overflowing drains

If you’ve noticed that your floor drains are backing up with water or overflowing drains outside are leaving your paths slimy and wet, then it’s a pretty clear indication that your drains are blocked or obstructed in some way. One call to Blocked Drain Repair and we’ll send a technician to diagnose and fix the problem fast.

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Why floor drains overflow?

The three main reasons are:

  • Damage - Sewer drains beneath your property may be incorrectly installed, rotting, or have become disjointed because of ground movement. Any misalignments or breaks in the pipework can allow dirt and tree roots to enter the pipes and block them.
  • Slime - We all use more gels, soaps, creams, and lotions than ever before and these can cause a buildup of slime in the pipework. When this happens the area for the waste to flow through becomes smaller, until eventually, a blockage occurs.
  • Foreign objects – We’re referring to any objects which shouldn’t be in your drain. These include anything other than toilet paper and natural bodily waste. Items such as face wipes, nappy liners, and sanitary products should all be binned as they can clog up any drainage pipework.

In essence, overflowing drains alert you to the fact that you have a problem. It might not always be clear exactly what is causing the problem, but in all cases, if the wastewater has backed onto the floor chances are there’s likely to be some form of obstruction or blockage in the drain.

We’ll clear your drain fast

Using their skills, training and diagnostic equipment our plumbers are able to find the cause of the blockage fast. We utilise CCTV drain cameras to locate the exact whereabouts of the blockage, as well as give an assessment of the condition of the pipework.

Depending on what the CCTV drain camera reveals, the problem may be nothing more than a blockage, in which case high pressure water jetting should clear it and have your water flowing freely once more.

Alternatively, it could be that your pipes are cracked, misaligned, broken, or seriously collapsed.

The CCTV camera vision will allow us to assess the condition of the pipework and make an informed decision as to whether the pipes can be repaired or need replacing.

Our experienced technicians are used to dealing with all types of pipework issues and will work speedily and efficiently to resolve the problem with the minimum of disruption and hassle.

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If you need assistance with overflowing drains contact our experienced team on 1300 668 220 or complete our service request form today and we’ll send a technician to you as quickly as we can.