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Pipe Patching

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Discovering you have a crack or break in a pipe that is situated below an established structure or building presents a unique repair challenge. Leaving the damage could lead to ongoing problems such as repeated blocked drains or erosion and issues with movement due the water leak around the cracked section. Thankfully, repairing the broken drain is possible with the use of pipe patching. 

The Blocked Drain Repair plumbing team offer long lasting drain repairs using pipe patching throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Book a drain repair quote with our drainage specialists today.

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What is pipe patching?

The pipe patching process is used to seal leaks, cover cracks and smooth broken sections of pipe or drain without needing to dig up the section of pipe. It’s especially useful to fix pipes which are difficult to get to, like those under the house or driveway. 

How does pipe patching fix the drain?

Pipe patching places a resin impregnated patch or section of liner inside the damaged pipe or drain. The patch is inflated to cover the cracks or breaks in the pipe. It is then set in place, creating a hard inner surface inside the broken section repairing the damage. 

This repair is designed to last more than 25 years, providing a long term solution for your drains. 

How is pipe patching different from pipe relining?

Pipe patching refers to a repair system used to fix small sections of damaged pipe or drain. Pipe relining is used for longer or more extensive repairs to large sections of cracks, leaks. misalignment, or breaks.

Our plumbers will carry out a full assessment of your drainage problems and provide a professional recommendation on the best method for the most effective result.

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For complete, long lasting drain repairs using pipe patching contact our Blocked Drain Repair team at 1300 668 220 or complete our quick online pipe patching quote request form today.