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Pipe Relining

Long lasting pipe repairs using pipe relining

Looking for a practical solution for damaged drains or pipes in hard to access areas? No-dig pipe relining offers a pipe repair option for broken, cracked or leaking pipes located under buildings, infrastructure such as roads and driveways, and established gardens and landscaping. The team of specialist plumbers at Blocked Drain Repair offer long lasting pipe relining services throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

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How does pipe relining work?

The process of pipe relining carefully positions a resin impregnated liner inside the damaged section of pipe or drain. This liner is expanded to adhere to the inner surface of the old pipe. It is then cured or set, which creates a very hard, long lasting layer inside the pipe, sealing off any cracks or broken areas and smoothing over any rough or jagged surfaces. 

In effect, pipe relining created a new hard wearing pipe within the old one. This new pipe lining will provide a long lasting repair solution.

The damaged section of pipe can usually be repaired via established access points or with minimal digging, preserving your property and reducing excavation and structure re-establishment costs. This also means that the job can be carried out much faster, and with less mess.

Where is pipe relining used?

Pipe relining is often a cost effective repair option for pipes in hard to access locations. It can be used in both residential and commercial applications with a range of pipe sizes catered for. 

The trenchless technology of the pipe relining process is ideal for damaged drainage pipes under structures such as:

  • Buildings or houses
  • Sheds
  • Driveways or paths
  • Roads
  • Retaining walls, garden walls or fences
  • Established landscaping
  • Swimming pools
  • Tennis courts

How do I know if pipe relining is right for my drain problem?

The plumbers at Blocked Drain Repair will carry out a full plumbing inspection using a specially designed drain camera to find out what the problem with your drain is and if pipe relining is a practical option. 

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For complete, long lasting broken drain repairs using pipe relining contact our Blocked Drain Repair team at 1300 668 220 or complete our quick online drain repair quote request form today.